Healing People and Pets Since 1987

Mt. Shasta, Northern California

Mt. Shasta, Northern California

Since childhood, Gene has always had a strong spiritual calling. Yet, despite having his spiritual base as his guiding force, he found himself discontented working in a sales career that did nothing to further his life’s purpose. One day after attending a mediation group back in 1987, someone mentioned having a friend who does energy work on animals. From that little comment, something clicked inside and suddenly he became curious to explore his own healing powers — a latent ability he believes we all possess. Knowing that his healing abilities could be used to help others gave him a deep sense of fulfillment and allowed him to feel more aligned with his Authentic Self. As a result, he began to feel better in all other aspects of life.

Over the years, he’s placed a lot of emphasis on his personal development by attending a wide variety of seminars and retreats. He also became a Certified Hypnotherapist, where he gained insight and understanding as to how potent working with the subconscious mind can be. All the while heightening his intuitive abilities, he’s cultivated the sense to see into the hidden aspects of others.

As soon as Gene began to offer life coaching, he was delighted to find how working with people on a deeper intuitive and energetic level could allow them to rapidly shift their lives. He has a gift of bringing people’s truest essence to light and an unwavering passion to create the space for others to feel seen and blossom into their most joyful Selves. 

My approach with people is to be straightforward, humorous and supportive as a dedicated and staunch guardian of their highest desires. I see people for who they truly are, perhaps perceiving them more fully than they see themselves.”

Gene envisions a New Earth where people are free to be their Authentic Selves, where they are valued and appreciated for whatever gifts they have to offer, and where people are living their lives with joy and purpose that naturally creates a more peaceful planet. 

Providing a safe, positive and nurturing environment that lends itself for comfortable change, Gene’s methods support you in having the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing you desire for yourself. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Gene works with people both locally and anywhere in the world.