Quick Clear Instead of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has long been known to help you in changing the behaviors or attitudes you want altered. Stop smoking, lose weight, pain management, stress reduction, improve sports performance, or to just experience what sort of personal significance comes to you from your resourceful subconscious. I always ask if a person has decided for themselves to say quit smoking or if others were pressuring them into it. If it’s one’s own decision, hypnosis is real helpful in making things go more smoothly and faster.

Hypnotherapy uses trance and suggestion. (Note: If a person were ever given a suggestion that goes against their nature, (s)he would either ignore the suggestion or come out of the trance.) While it may seem as though the hypnotherapist is taking the lead, you always retain the power. The real art for the hypnotherapist is in adapting to what the client’s subconscious is bringing forth. Many people have very good recall of their sessions. Hypnotherapy is a valuable means of enlisting your subconscious to help you with what you want.

Quick Clear is Gene Tresenfeld’s own intuitively inspired LIFE ENHANCEMENT technique. It can quickly eliminate issues and beliefs you are holding onto energetically that may be restricting or hindering you. It’s all about the power of INTENT.

Quick Clear is a series of questions with the answers coming from your gut/knowing/Higher Self and not your head. I’m pretty good at picking up whether you answer with a thought or from your true self. It’s fun for me to see people gain confidence in trusting they really are connecting with their inner knowing. If you and/or I get a ‘yes’ or even a ‘maybe’, we work on it until we both get a ‘no’ and then we move onto the next question.

This is the antithesis of years of psychoanalysis. Sometimes it’s not even necessary to have to identify what the issues and beliefs might be. Nonetheless, you can be freed of their entanglements.

Here’s an example of Quick Clear being effective and doing so in one session while hypnosis would have taken a number of sessions. A client felt fears in this life were because off what repeatedly had be done to her in previous lives. She wanted to address the causes of those fears in each life where it had occurred. I suggested trying Quick Clear. In one session, we dealt with the entirety without having to identify each lifetime and then deal with it in each of those lifetimes.

While Quick Clear has become my ‘go to’ technique, if hypnosis were called for, it’s still in my tool kit.