Chakra Balancing

Have you ever wondered if there are hidden forces lurking beneath the surface that could be influencing the state of your mental, emotional and spiritual health? Understanding how the Chakra system works can provide valuable insight into the unseen phenomenons that impact our health on a daily basis. Chakra balancing can repair and revitalize the balance and harmony back into our lives.  

Starting along the base of the spine and working up towards the crown of the head, our Chakra System has seven main energy points that correlate to certain aspects of our wellbeing. From the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, each Chakra point acts as a specific channel of Chi energy. The Chakra system is very sensitive and can be thrown off balance quite easily. 

If even just one access point is out of balance, the entire system suffers, which will reflect in energy levels and corresponding areas of life. Visualizing the Chakra system as a bar graph, Gene scans the seven Chakras to see how each stands in relation to the others. He brings Chakras back into balance by sending energy and leveling out the frequencies or fragmentation. Where necessary, Gene infuses weakened Chakra points with Source energy, while discussing what it means if he’s detected any Chakra that may be higher or lower, shut down or burst wide open. At times, he might receive information as to why a chakra has been depleted or expanded beyond the others. Chakra healing may also address any emotional pain or physical pain linked to the associated energy point. .


“Gene did a splendid chakra balancing session for me. His home was warm and welcoming; the environment felt safe making it easier to be receptive. When he located my unbalanced chakras and began working on them I immediately felt warm pulling/pushing sensation. After he finished, I felt much more centered in my awareness and body. Having the knowledge of which chakras I needed to nurture past the session has been incredible. Delving into my inner child to heal has been a product of this chakra balancing session! I have also been able to look at some challenges in my life with a new set of eyes.

Gene also used his Quick Clear method right after balancing my chakras. It was so easy when he helped me release some internal belief blocks that were holding my frequency down.

I am extremely grateful to Gene for guiding me in this part of my spiritual journey. He really does give all he can, if someone needs it.”


—Katelyn G  Oregon  2018 

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How Gene visualizes Chakras out of balance:

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