Oftentimes our vital life force energy can become blocked or fragmented due to stress, trauma, and pain which can cause disharmony within the body, mind, and spirit. Left ignored, these triggers can manifest as a physical ailment or dis-ease. 

Many ancient cultures have developed sophisticated sciences around how this sacred energetic flow connects all living beings and can be channeled as a form of energy healing. Termed as Chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese and Prana in Sanskrit, this natural flow of energy exists as our life force and can be tapped into to promote healing. Gene’s deeply spiritual connection with this energy allows him access to look within the Chi of a client’s energy field to remove blockages and usher in new, uplifting energy.

As a result of this practice, many clients have noticed the successful reduction or elimination of:

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*Back Problems






*Health Issues 

Though it’s always preferable to deal with pain while it’s still acute, Gene has years of experience helping those suffering from continuous chronic pain. Energetic healing promotes faster recovery of injury and can accelerate recuperation from sprains, strains, broken bones and surgery (which is recommended to start before the procedure). This is a non-invasive practice complementary to all other health care practices and makes the body’s natural healing process more effective. 

Not only does energy work help heal physical pains, it can ease tension and alleviate distress from emotional wounds that have become stored within the energetic body. The objective of Gene’s healing practice is not just to improve or eliminate symptoms, but also to identify and get rid of the underlying causes at the source of its origin to break out of patterns and underlying beliefs, which may have been taken on in childhood and/or past lives. 

It’s important to be clear that although Gene is known as a healer and lightworker, he’s not healing you. Rather, he stimulates your own healing process bringing you higher energies to make space that allows for change and activates your own healing process.

Results can be powerful. If you want to learn how to relieve anxiety, or how to reduce stress, or how to relax or you’ve been thinking “I need healing”, allow yourself to experience the many benefits of energy healing.

Offering both hands on healing and distance healing, sessions are equally effective in person or over Skype/Zoom. 


“My name is Carlos Sierras. I was a principal dancer with the Oakland Ballet. I have danced all over America, and a few other countries around the world.

In November 2000 my trapezius, neck and back seized up. I continued to dance in pain, as I have done for 17 years whenever this problem would occur.

Gene Tresenfeld had been around the Oakland Ballet for a couple of months working with other artists who had injuries. It was the company’s last day in the studio before leaving town for a week on tour. My pain was getting worse. I asked Gene if he would work on me. He did for about 45 minutes. Afterwards, my pain subsided about 65%.

Gene said, “I will work on you again tomorrow”. I replied, “The company leaves for tour tomorrow.” He said, “That’s alright. I can work on you from here (Oakland).”

The company travelled the next day. On the following day, the company rehearsed on stage. I was 100% and ready to perform. It has been 4 months since then, and I am still pain free.

Thank you, Gene.”   — 2001

Note: Although I often intuitively ‘pick up’ on THINGS ABOUT bodies, I do not diagnose, treat or cure physical problems, illness or disease. I have had no medical training and I make no claims to the contrary. It is highly recommended you have a trained healthcare professional, whom you trusT.