Fees Overview


While wonderful things do happen in single sessions, you'll gain the most with multiple sessions.


One session

$125 For One 60-Minute Session

image_part_002 (1).jpg

three sessions

Save 11%

$333 For Three 60-Minute Sessions

image_part_003 (1).jpg

SIX sessions

Save 20%

$600 For Six 60-Minute Sessions


$77 For One 60-Minute Session


$25 For 25-Minutes


Gene has had past clients who have wanted to work on a daily basis over the course of a month, in which case it is also possible to set up a flat fee.

A sliding fee might be considered based on individual need. Call to discuss.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so no later than the day before the scheduled session. Otherwise you will be charged full price for the session.

Bonus: With many years of doing remote energy work, Gene is capable of ‘tuning into you’ between sessions to help reinforce what took place during a session.