StargateA highly evolved consciousness, which anchors higher dimensional energies into a sacred geometrical structure. Stargate is an accelerator of human consciousness if you choose to allow its energy and its support. It also helps to bring us to the 12th dimension. has lots more information.

Etheric Stargate – The consciousness of the Stargate. When we say to call in an etheric Stargate, you don’t need to know its actual shape; picture an open-sided pyramid over you. To give it permission to work with you, call for its activation.

Guides – Whether we’re aware or not, we all have guides. They can be angels, Ascended Masters (people who reached enlightenment such as Buddha and Jesus), star beings, and beings of other realms. While they are always available to us with their expanded wisdom, they do need to be asked before they may help.

Alcazar – The Stargate guide, who’s the spokesperson for a group of non-embodied Universal Masters.

12th Dimension – It’s here where we easily can connect with the support of ascended masters, star beings, angels, and other beings.

Gaia – The consciousness of Mother Earth.          

Quantum Field – All exists within the Quantum Field. It’s where creation happens. It reflects back to you what you’re thinking and feeling.

Ashea – Collective beings from very far away. Many people, including me, feel an immediate difference when we say, “I call in the peaceful, calming Ashea energies.”, or just “I call in the Ashea energies”.

Arcturians – Very advanced star beings known for their healing abilities. When enough beings on a planet have reached a certain level, the Arcturians help that entire planet to evolve. They first sent their energies through me at a Stargate event in 2021.

Pleiadians – Long ago, the Arcturians helped the Pleiadians evolve, and now they, as well as the Arcturians and other star beings, are helping Earth. The Pleiadians brought a higher consciousness to the Lemurians.  

Lemuria – Was a large continent in the Pacific. All that remains of it are the Hawaiian Islands, which were mountain tops. They knew in advance their continent would sink, so they built a number of underground cities in different places around the world.

Telos – A city inside of Mt. Shasta in very Northern California, which was built by the Lemurians. The Telosians are of at least the 5th Dimension. 

Adama – The High Priest of Telos, their ambassador to the Galactic Command, and a healer. He first sent his energies to me in 2018 when I was on Mt. Shasta. 

Galactic Command – Gathering of star families from around the Universe to support awakening on Earth. They operate in space crafts.

Elohim – Council of Angels, which among many other things, oversees Stargate.

Quantum Stillness Clarifier – Creates a powerful still-point in your heart/heart chakra, which supports aligning more easily with the Quantum Field. Developed by the physicist Dr. David Clements under the guidance primarily of the Elohim.

Additional products are for balancing energies in the home/office, water, and food.

St. Germain – Had many influential lives before becoming an ascended master. He’s also associated with Mt. Shasta. He, too, first sent his energies to me in 2018 when I was on Mt. Shasta.

Violet Flame of Transmutation – As taught by St. Germain to surround with a violet flame (light) what one wants to clear and transmute into something desirable.

Other Side of the Veil – Where we come from before we are born; and where others who attained enlightenment can choose to remain.

Superconsciousness – Might also be called our Higher Self. It knows everything about us from all our lives, and it’s part of the Quantum Field. The best way to have a stronger connection with your Superconsciousness is by developing your intuition. 

Great Central Sun – of the universe. It has a consciousness and a divine core. Its energies go to the suns in the galaxy, including our own, and then to us.

(Please distinguish between what’s been made of them by religions and their pure essences.)

Jesus/Yeshua/Sananda – The Master of Love.

Mary Magdalene/Nada – Jesus’ twin flame, who also became enlightened.

Mother Mary – Jesus’ mother, who brings the energies of maternal, unconditional love.

Quan Yin – An ascended master known for her compassion.

Robert Coxon music - Robert channels music including for some of the Stargate events.