That’s why it’s important to live a life that fully reflects and embraces the entirety of who you are. Each of us are on a unique path in life and have a very special purpose to fulfill. Sometimes when we are feeling stuck, it can be incredibly valuable to get guidance from an outsider’s perspective. Do you want to live day after day repeating the same patterns and routine, or do you want to get yourself out of your comfort zone and see what life really has to offer? By walking away from the expectations that society imposes and breaking out of our conditioned mindsets, we can embrace the true potential of who we are.

Gene will walk with you each step of the way and assist you in breaking the habit of negative, reoccurring patterns and changing habits so that you may feel confident and capable to go after your dreams. As a life coach and spiritual guide, Gene is there to stimulate the Creator within and inspire you to become your best Self.

Coaching you to shift the limiting attitudes, beliefs, and fears that may be preventing you from living your fullest potential, you will be guided in identifying your true desires and rediscovering your passions. Gene provides both the empowering and reassuring dynamics to help you break out of situations that feel rote, uninspiring and boring, bringing more awareness into the choices, options and possibilities available to you. 


“Some people like to argue with themselves as to why they must stay stuck in their current situations. It’s like someone driving round and round in a cul-de-sac and then complaining about going in circles with no way out. The people I most enjoy working with, although they may feel stuck or are struggling in overcoming fear, they’re willing to explore and challenge their current approach by being bold, creative, open minded and open hearted.”

Intuitively picking up on the subtle things that clients might not be aware of in themselves, Gene provides a unique perspective to illuminate hidden aspects of the soul. Sometimes engaging the inner child, Gene gets to the root of matters to initiate change from the inside out, so that you will ultimately find yourself free of long held self-sabotaging belief systems.

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By trusting in your inherent worth and heeding your own intuition, Gene will help you create a new contract with yourself, so that you may commit to your dreams and thus have inner peace, harmony and satisfaction.

  “He's genuine and I felt really comfortable talking with him about some very personal issues.” 

—Denessa C

“Gene is kind, helpful, intuitive and responsive. He was specific with accountable follow-up (to help track progress) and helped look at important, often overlooked details, which helped me get more specific with my intentions and forward movement. I like his coaching style: it challenged me, yet was always respectful.”

—Monika L   Oregon 2014