It is common for a child to experience some things either themself directly or to think something going on at home, such as strife between the parents, was their fault. These early experiences can cause a person to carry throughout their lives whatever messages about themself they took from the experiences. This can impact not only their view of themself and explain limitations one might feel, but it also can effect one’s health.

Traditionally with inner child work the adult self explains to their younger self that they are not to blame and that it might. not have had anything to do with them, but as a child they didn’t have that understanding and they took it on.. The adult self connects with the younger self. Sometimes that requires the young one to gain trust before wanting to connect. The adult self explains the reality of the situation(s), offers comfort and unconditional love, and promises to keep the child as safe as they possibly can going forward.

Doing inner child work in the quantum field adds some valuable elements. For one, their ‘helping angels’ and guides are more readily available. Even more significant is the inner child was morre recently on the ‘other side of the veil’ so they are easily in touch with the quantum field/All/ Source. They are able to tap into that unlimitlessness and give the adult self very sound wisdom.

Recap from a session of the message the adult herself received from her inner child, who was not quite 3-years-old. She told adult you: that you don’t have to be fearful. She always faces things and they pass over. So why do you think things are so big for you? Look at me. I’m not afraid and the world is so big for me, because I’m so little. You have to trust in my capacity for a solution, because I’m connected with you..

Sometimes people can’t recall the earliest when something still impacting them occurs or they were too young to remember including going back to in the womb. While I always encourage people to listen to their own intuition, their own knowing, and see if something comes to them, I am very adept at picking up on the age. One person called to arrange an appointment, I tuned into her, asked her what happened when she was 2, and she started to cry.

I have such good news to share..

First, not one seizure since your first healing. I know it was that healing that got me to change my meds in just the right way. I also know it was your work untangling my nervous system as one would a drawer full of tangled cords. The fact that you asked me “What happened when you were six?” That was dead on truth for it was a most traumatic age.

Thank you, Gene.

      – Mary Jane G, Oregon. 2022    

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