Energy Healing for Pets

With pets, just like with humans, there is a flow of energy that maintains their life force. Although our beloved pets communicate differently, they can still experience the same sort of emotional or physical discomfort that might interfere with their overall health and wellbeing.

Perhaps they’re injured and simply need some energetic healing to help them recuperate faster and uplift their spirits. Or, because our furry friends are very sensitive creatures, they can pick up on their humans’ emotional burdens, which might reflect in noticeable behavior changes or physically manifest in the form of pain.

Gene has been doing energy work on animals for over 30 years by providing nourishing energy back into their lives. Similar to animal reiki, Gene uses his own energy healing technique to alleviate animals from pain and stress. Regardless of where they are in the world, Gene tunes into their energetic flow by sensing and clearing away any energetic blockages.


 “It's nice to feel them basking in the energies. Sometimes humans let their minds interfere with the healing process and end up sabotaging the experience. Pets aren't so complicated— they live in the moment and just happily receive. Almost always, they'll quickly relax and allow the process. If I'm physically with them, they're likely to nestle closer to me. It’s wonderful being the recipient of their grateful kisses or contented purrs! As an effusive animal lover, it warms my heart to create such sweet connections with them.”  

Gene once worked with Molly, a dog located 500 miles away. Her pet parents were traveling 150 miles round trip multiple times a week to one of the best vet colleges in the country in hopes to improve her health conditions. Despite all their efforts, including an operation, Molly still suffered with pain and could barely stand. After quite a few sessions of working with her, there was a dramatic improvement in her health and behavior that ultimately enabled her to live a full, happy life. When Gene eventually met Molly, her “pet daddy” told him that although she is a very friendly girl, he had never seen her respond so enthusiastically to someone new. He was certain it was because she somehow recognized that it was Gene who had helped her so much.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 10.06.27 PM.png

“This testimonial regarding the remote energy healing work by Gene Tresenfeld for our formerly disabled dog comes from a skeptical engineer whose career is grounded in engineering principles and laws. I feel compelled to acknowledge Gene’s remarkable service.

In 2014 our Labrador retriever suffered the sudden onset of a severely herniated disk that paralyzed her completely and resulted in three cervical surgeries, each with no immediate improvement. Daily physical therapy did not provide noticeable improvement until Gene became aware of the situation and actually began performing remote energy healing work for our dog. Immediately we noticed significant incremental improvement, the timing of which seemed to parallel every healing session. 

That was a few years ago. Today, she is a happy and healthy dog, fully mobile, and we enjoy every moment we get to spend with her.

In summary, I believe that the positive, clear and pure healing intention that Gene puts forth into the universe positively affects physical reality and aids in healing. I trust Gene to help in the healing of any being.”

—Risto R, California 2017