by Gene Tresenfeld

“The Violet Flame is a gift used in many places. It’s meant to loosen things up so to speak, shake things up, by bringing a new vibration to the situation you might be facing in order to breathe new light, in this case violet, into the situation and thus allow for a change. So when it is spoken of a Violet Flame of Transmutation, that of course means moving from one thing, the current, to something else. It is the desire that something else be for your greater and higher good and for the higher and greater good for all.

So it is a quite simple little technique of envisioning yourself surrounded by this Violet Flame. That in and of itself is already having an impact. To strengthen it, you can be declaring, such as with an “I am ______” statement or stating what it is you are desiring, what it is you wish to be. Doing so with an open heart, with love, with the confidence that you are being supported in your desires.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation is meant to take one thing you may be feeling such as anger or upset and transmuting that into a sense of joy or expansion or love so that it is changed from that which was not serving you, that which was perhaps closed or tight that you might call negative into expansion or what you might call positive.

We invite you to bathe yourself in this Violet Flame whenever you so desire. It is available to you at all times and you will find it to be quite relaxing, useful to you.”

Channeled from St. Germain

November 2018