It is often said that we are our own worst enemies. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we each harbor limiting beliefs and false senses of self that hinder our ability to achieve our dreams and goals.

As Gene’s own intuitively inspired technique, Quick Clear sessions work to swiftly remove any internalized beliefs or underlying personal issues that clients may be energetically holding on to without even realizing it, including those carried over from past lives. 

Quick Clear is based upon the potency of intention. The technique utilizes a series of questions to elicit true and honest responses that lie within your own intuitive knowing. Gene is able to discern whether the answers come from your thoughts/ego, or from your inner voice— the source of deep and genuine answers. Working with the client’s Higher Self, Quick Clear helps to eliminate subconscious blockages, such as conditionings and limiting beliefs that may inhibit you from seeing possibility and opportunity. If you’ve been looking for effective ways how to change your life, Quick Clear can be used as a simple tool to initiate the changes. 

As the antithesis to years of psychoanalysis, Quick Clear can help free clients of their entanglements, while strengthening their ability to gain confidence in listening to and trusting their own inner knowing. Gene works to dispel any doubts and illusions that you may have about yourself, so you can create a new paradigm of freedom and joy. 


“I went into the session asking for healing from some past life trauma. Given my own metaphysical abilities, I knew the same trauma kept occurring throughout a number of lifetimes. I originally asked Gene if we could do hypnosis to deal with it in each of the past lives. He said we could, but he asked if I’d be willing to try his Quick Clear technique instead and I agreed. The underlying issue from several lives was addressed at once. 

As a clairvoyant medium I can also easily sense other people's abilities. Gene's abilities were very strong with the healing. He is a wonderful healer. I felt a great difference afterwards. And I'm in the process of moving forward with my life without the past life trauma affecting me in the same way, as it was holding me back from moving forward. I recommend a healing session from Gene for any variety of ailments.

Thank you.”                                                                                   

—Erin B  Oregon 2018