Whether the session is in-person or remote, here’s what you might want to know: 


Gene’s sessions call upon the Violet Flame of Transmutation and typically are guided by multidimensional, non-physical light beings. He utilizes a sacred geometric structure, Stargate, that connects him and the client with the quantum field so that maximum results are achieved. 

During a 2019 trip to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, Gene tuned into the specific energies each of the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Vratnica Tumulus and the Ravne Tunnels. The tunnels have beneficial electromagnetism, ultrasound of 28 kHz, Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz and a very high concentration of negative ions, which makes the atmosphere clean of bacteria and viruses. In ancient times, it was probably used a place for rejuvenation and healing. Gene can ‘tap into’ those energies when he his sending healing energies.

Gene has also adopted a shamanic ritual practice of the Q’ero Indians of Peru, the direct descendants of the Incas. After declaring what one desires, their shamans (“paquos”) use a words that sounds like “humpee”, which is an expression of gratitude as if it has already happened.


Energy Work

As you relax into a comfortable position, you and Gene will set the intention for the energy healing session. After starting with an invocation, Gene taps into universal Source energy and directs it to wherever he feels it’s needed in your body. This healing energy can usually be felt as a soothing warmth, even through clothing. Bodily sensations may range from a subtle tingling to the break through of energetic obstructions. At times, the intelligence of the energy will take over and bring itself to wherever else it’s needed in the body. 

If you want to more actively participate, you can visualize a white or golden light flowing into the top of your head (Crown Chakra) and direct it to the part of your body needing attention. The more open you are to receiving, the more you will benefit from the experience. It’s always advisable to drink plenty of water after a session to help move energies. 


Quick Clear & Life Coaching

Participatory from both sides, you will be asked deepening questions to provoke genuine responses designed to guide you in discovering your Authentic Self. His ultimate goal is to assist you in tapping into your own internal guidance system, so that you may become self-reliant with the understanding that you are all you will ever need. Assisting you in developing your inner knowing and encouraging you to live from your heart rather than your head, you'll clearly identify your intentions, so that you may understand where to focus your attention.

In Person Sessions

For healing sessions, you’ll either be on a massage table or sitting in a chair, you’ll be fully clothed— although shoes and jewelry might come off. Usually, Gene will place his hands where attention is required, but if for any reason you’d rather not be physically touched, it will work just as well without.

For Life Coaching and Quick Clear, you’ll sit on a comfortable chair and there’s an ottoman if you’d like to rest your feet.

“My cat might come into the office. There’s no additional fee to receive her loving energies.

…If you prefer she stays out, I’ll be sure to shut the door.”

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Home Office


“Gene’s home was warm and welcoming; the environment felt safe making it easier to be receptive.”

— Katelyn G